Addiction to life.

Meanwhile I’m addicted to life thats so empty and cold.

I don’t have much obligations to be fulfilled

Nor there is a pressure from anyone.

After the graduation,all I do is go to gym and play basketball
I eat my favourite cuisines

 and I’m learning to paint a wall

Just developing new hobbies,
And feeling the lucid trance.

There’s no sadness & nothing is smoldering
 And this heart is normally accelerating.

I do what I like
And nobody judges me

Its an empty life…

so cold yet so good..
A better one, may be better than it was yesterday;
Thats how I suppose it would..

Letting go the things of past
Is difficult,
but has the sense of freedom which definitely lasts.

Yes this is an addiction to life..
The cold,
the empty,
 just like a blunt knife.


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