My way of achieving “Natural high”

​Not my earphones did I take

Nor  a call did I make

Just a novel in my hand

Wore my scarf and pinned the hairstrand.

Took few pennies and few bucks

So that i can afford a snack

In my blue jeans and grey top

Went out of the house and no one stopped.

Left my cellphone in the home

In order that no one interrupts me when i roam.

Bought a coffee from the shop

And paved my way to the hilltop

After a long time i had got this chance

To get the combination of a book,a coffee & peaceful trance.

Read few pages and sat in stance

Praising the creator with a delightful glance.

Perhaps I got a home to get back at

As the sun which was about to set.

Went through the road by which I came

Felt a spark of fire which was tame.

Coz sometimes its neacessary to say the monotonous world a good-bye

Releasing the string of soul which is tie

And this was my way of achieving “natural high.”


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